Shelter ups commissioning slate with new Australian productions exclusive to streamer

Tiny Spaces Larnook.

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Shelter, the Australian-based streaming service dedicated to all things architecture, home and design, has commissioned four new factual series to be available in all territories, exclusively on Shelter. 

Shelter launched globally in July 2020 with Shelter Original series Inspired Architecture, a six-episode factual series featuring uniquely Australian structures, drawing the viewer into an exploration of modern architecture and design. 

The debut episode, Inspired Architecture: Permanent Camping, was selected to screen at New York’s prestigious Architecture & Design Film Festival 2020, Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival 2020, Budapest Architecture Film Days 2021, Master of Art FF 2021, Caesar Design Film Awards 2021, and the Palm Springs Architecture Design Art Film Festival 2021.

Shelter has since released a 30 min spin-off, Permanent Camping. 10 Years on architect Rob Brown has created a new iteration of the famous Permanent Camping building in Berry, NSW. Built by the original maker and joiner Jeffrey Broadfield, the story celebrates the spirit of collaboration between architect, builder and client. The film follows the building from it’s early iterations to the completed build. 

Shelter’s second original series Architecture on the Edge (6 x 15 min) was released in April 2021. The series was an artistic showcase of the modern architecture movement in Chile. Focusing on some of the country’s most engaging and celebrated buildings, Architecture on the Edge includes Pritzker prize-winning architecture and architects. 

Meanwhile the second season of Inspired Architecture (6 x 15 min) is in post-production, directed by Jim Lounsbury and scheduled for an October 2021 release. Featuring architects Harley Graham, PJ Deasy, Verity Nunan, Justin Twohill and Matthew Woodward among others. 

The Tiny Spaces (4 x 15 min) crew in Victoria have almost completed shooting this series about intimate and remote spaces. Themes of sustainability, simplicity and minimalism are woven throughout. Featuring Larnook, Cortes Kiln Cottage, Oikios at Breakneck Gorge and the Eco Shipping Container Home in Wattle Bank.

SANCTUARY: Byron Bay (6 x 15) is currently in pre-production. Sophie Hexter is attached to direct this first season with Ryan Lee as cinematographer. This series will focus on six stunning spaces that capture the Byron Bay aesthetic. Each season of Sanctuary will have a location focus and explore the themes and influences of the region. 

Another Original in pre production is FOLLIES (4 x 15). Follies are unusual or whimsical structures created solely for the purpose of delight. This series will explore a selection of British follies through a humorous and appreciative lens… more details to come (Start date: August, 2021 – various locations in the United Kingdom).

Shelter has recently partnered with Vimeo OTT to make  Apple TV, Android TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV apps available to all subscribers from October 2021. 

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