New Trailer! Mental as Everything

Damon Smith.

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Mental as Everything, a documentary about living with a mental illness, will have its world premiere at Cinema Nova in Carlton as part of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

Mental As Everything is an original documentary by Melbourne-based writer, musician and performer, Damon Smith.

His personal day-to-day experiences with a diagnosis of both obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and bipolar disorder have helped Damon develop a transparency regarding his dealings with these two, widely misguided disorders.

As a prolific, full-time singer-songwriter, Damon has made a documentary that blends comedy and music alongside an honest and thought-provoking narrative.

Mental as Everything follows Damon and his anxious accompanist, Adam Coad, as they take the audience on a funny, but often awkward journey inside their own heads with hilarious onscreen buffoonery and songs pertaining to mental illness.

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Mental as Everything endeavours to breakdown the stigma attached to mental health with onscreen buffoonery and some very personal moments when it comes to explaining these often-misunderstood disorders,” says Smith.

Damon is absurdly hilarious, musically brilliant and refreshingly honest with his mission to create awareness and speak his truth about living with OCD and bipolar disorder.

Prior to Mental As Everything, Damon co-wrote and performed alongside Adam in the critically acclaimed and publicly appreciated cabaret show, Sun Rising – The Songs That Made Memphis. Since then, Damon has written and performed in his latest cabaret show called Crazy Arms, which is a one man music and comedy show that spans the origins of the piano from its birth in 1709 through to the 20th century.

Mental as Everything is proudly produced and directed by award-winning producer and director Matthew Briggs of Under The Microscope, an Adelaide-based independent theatre company that aims to educate emerging Australian artists and experiment with artistic form & content. Since 2017, Matthew has produced, directed and toured 6 productions to 19 venues, winning at total of 9 awards.

You can find out more about the MDFF screening here.

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