Cinema Australia Podcast #63 | Jayden Stevens & Thomas Swinburn

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Thomas Swinburn and Jayden Stevens on the set of A Family in Ukraine

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Cinema Australia is very excited to present this Podcast episode.

A Family is one of the most unique locally-produced films we’ve ever seen, so we were thrilled to be chatting with director Jayden Stevens and cinematographer Thomas Swinburn. These two very talented filmmakers also co-wrote and co-produced the film. 

Jayden Stevens is a director and photographer from the Gold Coast. He is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, where his short film Between Trees won the school’s Brian Robinson Memorial script award.

Tom Swinburn studied filmmaking at Ithaca College, and completed a post graduate degree in film at the Victorian College of the Arts where his short film A View from Below was awarded the most bold and innovative production. 

Their film, A Family, follows Emerson, a man living in solitary who seeks emotional refuge in the organising and documenting of family moments using low-grade impersonators. When his fake sister becomes inspired to follow his method, their relationship struggles between the forged and genuine. 

This is top-tier filmmaking. 

A Family will open at Dendy Newtown in Sydney, Dendy Canberra, Lido Cinemas in Melbourne, Dendy Coorparoo in Brisbane, State Cinema Hobart and The Pivotonian in Geelong from June 17, 2021. Keep an eye on for more screening announcements. 

Anyway… enjoy.

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