Your complete list of Australian films screening at Revelation Film Festival

The Beach.

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Our friends at Revelation Perth International Film Festival have revealed their 2021 program.

Check out the press release then head to the bottom of the page for your complete list of Australian feature films, documentaries and short films screening during the festival.

Thank you to our friend Adriana at Anarchy PR for helping us compile this list.

The 24th annual Revelation Perth International Film Festival returns from 1 – 11 July presenting a curated program celebrating independent filmmakers and boundary pushing storytellers. 

The theme of Distant but Connected is reflected not only through the epic program featuring content from 21 countries, but also through the Festival’s specially commissioned artwork from acclaimed Augmented Reality artist Marc-o-Matic. 

“It may be a long time before we see international screen artists physically again, but at the very least in the interim, Rev can provide a vibrant conduit to global conversations and relationships,” says Festival Director, Richard Sowada.

“After commissioning 4 short VR works last year and mounting a VR games conference with XR:WA, the commissioning of this artwork continues to embed this convergence and experimentation into every fibre of our Festival,” Sowada continues. 

The Festival opens with FRESHMAN YEAR (USA), Grand Jury Prize Winner at the 2020 SXSW (virtual) Film Festival. Produced by Jay Duplass, this romantic comedy announces a bright new star of American indie drama in writer, director and lead actor, 24-year-old Cooper Raiff, who plays Alex, a lonely Texas freshman studying in LA having difficulty navigating college life. 

Other standout offerings from our mates in the States include the compelling and intense relationship drama, THE KILLING OF TWO LOVERS, which follows a middle-aged man who is desperately trying to keep his family of six together during a separation from his wife; and SOME KIND OF HEAVEN, where first-time feature director Lance Oppenheim takes us inside the manicured façade of The Villages – America’s largest retirement community, dubbed the Disneyworld for retirees.

Closer to home, our friends across the ditch give us THE JUSTICE OF BUNNY KING (NZ), a female-led drama starring Essie Davis (The BabadookMiss Fisher & The Crypt of Tears) as a mother-of-two with a sketchy past and the world against her; and from our very own back yard we have the theatrical version Warwick Thornton’s NITV series, THE BEACH (AUS); WOMEN OF STEEL (AUS), a documentary about a group of women from Wollongong who took on mining giant BHP; THE LAST HORNS OF AFRICA (S.AF/AU), which takes us inside a hidden rhino orphanage and on a journey alongside those who are putting their lives at risk to protect this endangered species; and WE’RE NOT HERE TO F**K SPIDERS (AUS), a tense, claustrophobic drama created from surveillance footage. 

There’s even a film chronicling a very special relationship between an amusement park employee and an actual amusement park ride – JUMBO (FRA/BEL/LUX); and a 4-K restored version of Dennis Hopper’s 80’s masterpiece, OUT OF THE BLUE (CAN), which premiered 40 years ago at the Cannes film festival.

Design enthusiasts will revel in AALTO (FIN), a documentary on the life and work of one of the greatest modern architects, Alvar Aalto; and KENNY SCHARF: WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (USA), which provides an in-depth insight into the visionary and brilliant American painter and iconic street artist. 

We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders.

Street art is also a central theme in THE BEST BATTLE (CHIL); a documentary exploring Santiago’s political street art during the 2019/2020 estallido social (social blast) that marked the remembrance of the 1973 coup. And you can go inside the movement that has come to be known as the alt-right with WHITE NOISE (USA) or experience the private rituals and celebrations of Australians recreating Pagan traditions for the southern hemisphere with UNDER A PAGAN SKY (AUS). 

Dive into the history of the underground lesbian scene that emerged in the 80s in London with the documentary REBEL DYKES (UK), produced by founding member of the British/Irish girl group Bananarama, Siobhan Fahey; enjoy a cinematic portrait into the legendary musical innovator DELIA DERBYSHIRE (UK), the English musician, composer and pioneer of electronic music who created the music to iconic science-fiction TV series Doctor Who; or take in the story of Karl Marx’s youngest daughter, Eleanor, via feature film MISS MARX (ITAL/BEL). 

The Scandi’s deliver (as always) with MEANWHILE ON EARTH (SWE/DEN/EST), a documentary about the funeral industry; END OF THE LINE: THE WOMEN OF STANDING ROCK (US/FIN), where a group of indigenous women risk their lives to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline construction that desecrated ancient burial and prayer sites; OH, IT HERTZ (NOR), where musician Laurie Amat takes a journey into the ways in which sound affects us. Spurred on by a conspiracy theory involving Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi’s – where, during an international conference in 1939, the Nazi’s changed the music tuning globally by changing the tone of the tuning fork for all musicians worldwide. They did this because they thought it would make the masses aggressive and more easy to manipulate and this is the pitch we listen to today; and feature film NIMBY (FIN), which stands for Not In My Back Yard and follows a lesbian couple living in Helsinki who are considering coming out of the closet. 

Perth’s international party icon TOMAS FORD asks you to HAVE A BATH WITH ME? on Saturday 3 July in a night that promises to deliver an immersive cinema experience full of hyper colour musical adventure. 

GET YOUR SHORTS ON! and the City of Vincent Film Project provides the opportunity to support some of WA’s talented emerging filmmakers on Wednesday 7 July and Revelation’s WESTRALIA DAY on Saturday 10 July at The Backlot continues to shine a spotlight on locally-produced short films and long form content. 

WIFT AUSTRALIA presents WIFT V-FEST on Sunday 11 July, showcasing the work of women in the film industry both in-front and behind the lens; and Rev’s unique creative experiment BLIND DATE falls on this same day, and is bound to be something special as we bring together musicians and filmmakers.

Amongst all of this, Rev continues to present a selection of panels, discussions and industry workshops – more details available at

And Rev’s online streaming platform RevStream (formerly REVonDEMAND) showcases first class films in the comfort of your own home year-round. 

These are just some of the highlights of the 2021 Revelation Perth International Film Festival program which continues to redefine what a film festival can be, even during the most challenging of cultural times. 

The full line-up of over 35 feature films and documentaries, plus a comprehensive selection of shorts, is online and on sale now at

Here’s your complete list of Australian films screening during Rev 2021:


The Neon Across the Ocean
Directed by Matthew Victor Pastor
Set sometime in the not-too-distant future, after the worldwide crisis of 2020, Mandy is a 17-year-old Filipino Australian. In her final year of high school and dealing with her parents impending divorce, she navigates a world driven by a new normal of isolation and fear. Added to this she has a crush on her tutor Serena. Meanwhile, a young girl from the backstreets of Manila tells her story. The Neon Across the Ocean represents Pastor’s most elegant film to date and pushes his fine eye for composition and colour to a sophisticated level signposting him as a major undiscovered talent on the Australian film landscape.

We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders
Directed by Josh Reed 
Constructed from found surveillance footage, this is a brutal, immediate crime drama that has the grim, claustrophobic intensity of The Boys and Holiday. There is no glamour here, just grime. The low-level pushers and largely petty criminals that are the focus of the narrative are terrifyingly believably scary, the whole cast delivers powerful immersive performances. 


The Beach
Directed by Warwick Thornton
A beautiful meditative work that finds director Warwick Thornton alone, living in a small beachside cabin. 
Originally commissioned and broadcast by NITV and now edited into a feature length work, the landscape and score will offer an entirely new, evocative experience, on the big screen.

The Best Battle
Directed by
Antonio Traverso
An exploration of Santiago’s political street art during the 2019/20 estallido social (social blast) that marked the remembrance of the 1973 coup. Demonstrators’ posters, graffiti, murals and poetry overtly connect to the memory of the Chilean dictatorship with contemporary conditions and struggles.

The Best Battle

Cry of the Forests
Directed by Jane Hammond 
Western Australia’s south-west forests are part of one of the most biodiverse regions nof the planet and are recognised for their ability to capture and store carbon. Cry of the Forests takes viewers into the heart of the forests to see first-hand the beauty of these towering ecosystems and the life they support.

Last Horns of Africa
Directed by Garth De Bruno
Long a target of poachers, the rhino has been hunted for their horns across Africa. In The Last Horns of Africa, debut documentary feature director Garth De Bruno follows those who are putting their lives on the line to protect the animal, from a hidden rhino orphanage within the Kruger National Park. 

Under a Pagan Sky
Directed by Helen Browning 
In a time when western culture has lost its sense of transcendence, dramatic rituals celebrating the turning of the season and the mysteries of sex, death and human existence provide deeply meaningful experiences to Pagans in Australia. But there are great challenges inherent in practising this nature-based religion south of the equator.

Under a Pagan Sky

Women of Steel
Directed by Robynne Murphy
An inspirational documentary about the Wollongong women who – unable to get work at the local steelworks – band together as the Jobs for Women Campaign, and take on the giant steelworks operators in the heart of town, BHP. 


Pacing the Pool
These Walls
There is No Stopping Us
If We Had Mail
Fading Numbers
Murder on The Dance Floor
In Australia

You can find more info on each film here.


Westralia Day at The Backlot

Hug The Sun 

Get Your Shorts On! and City of Vincent Film Project Encore 

Pacing the Pool
These Walls
There is No Stopping Us
If We Had Mail
Fading Numbers
Murder on The Dance Floor
In Australia


The Jinja Assassin
Painting By Numbers


Grazing Table
Two Sands
Same Time Monday
The Guard Station


Cry of The Forests 

You can find out more about each film here

Hug the Sun.


I Want To Make A Film About Women
Monska – C.r. Robin
My Mother, The Action Star
No Means
The Odyssey
This River

You can find out more about each film here

I Want to Make a Film About Women.

Australian Gothic Shorts 

The Listening
The Fox
The Guard Station
Dusk Chorus

You can find out more about each film here

The Fox.

Sci-Fi Shorts

Dry Fire

You can find out more about each film here


Experimental Showcase

Turnable Mimoid
Altered Dreams
White Bat

You can find out more about each film here

Altered Dreams.

A Different View Plus

Dream Of April
Asynchronous View
Look Down And Find It
Folding City

You can find out more about each film here

Folding City.

Short Films screening prior to Feature Films

Baba screens prior to The Most Beautiful Boy in the World
Barnacle Face screens prior to Jumbo
Choice screens prior to Rebel Dykes
Deb screens prior to Some Kind of Heaven
Golem screens prior to Bad Girls
Grazing Table screens prior to Freshman Year
Greenmeadows screens prior to Miss Marx
Inferno screens prior to Monopoly of Violence
Lifeblood screens prior to End of the Line
Night Landing at Charles De Gaulle screens prior to The Best Battle
Painting by Numbers screens prior to Kenny Scharff
Pebble screens prior to The Boys Who Said No!
Reveries screens prior to Other Like Me
Same Time Monday screens prior to The Neon Across the Sky
Stick a Fork in Me screens prior to Paul Dood
The Jinja Assassin screens prior to Alien on Stage
The Recordist screens prior to We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders
The Slide screens prior to The Killing of Two Lovers
The Stranger screens prior to Out of the Blue
Two Sands screens prior to Nowhere Special
White Goods screens prior to The Justice of Bunny King
Wirun screens prior to Women of Steel 
You can find out more about each film here

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