Poster artwork revealed for new Aussie slasher, My Cherry Pie

Chris Barnes’ My Cherry Pie poster.

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Black Forest Films, Mad Alice Productions and NK-FX have revealed the official poster for My Cherry Pie, an upcoming Australian slasher describes as Chopper meets Friday The 13th Part V.

The illustrated poster was designed by artist Chris Barnes of Brutal Posters.

My Cherry Pie is the latest film from filmmaking duo Addison Heath and Jasmine Jakupi who Cinema Australia readers will remember from their previous film, The Viper’s Hex.

On the day of his prison release, Freddy (Sotiris Tzelios) joins his right-hand men Jack (Dylan Heath) and Green (Tim Jason Wicks). Together they embark on a violent crime spree across Melbourne.

When things go from bad to worse, the gang finds themselves on the run.

After car troubles and a chance meeting with Edwin Crow (Glenn Maynard), they are offered a place to stay at the historical Pleasant Creek Hospital. It is here they meet the shy but friendly Cherry (Trudi Ranik). When day turns to night a fight for survival begins as this old building happens to be the hunting ground for a masked killer.

My Cherry Pie is the sixth feature by Black Forest Films.

The film will begin its festival run in mid-2021 with an intended release for early 2022.

You can keep up to date with the film via Facebook here

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