We have a release date for Valerie Taylor: Playing with Sharks

Valerie Taylor on the set of Jaws.

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Madman Films has announced a local release date for new Australian documentary, Valerie Taylor: Playing with Sharks.

An illuminating and captivating documentary that shines the spotlight on Australian icon Valerie Taylor: pioneering marine conservationist and ocean explorer.

Officially selected for the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, Valerie Taylor: Playing with Sharks is a feature documentary from director Sally Aitken (David Stratton: A Cinematic Life) and producer Bettina Dalton (Australia’s Hidden Islands).

The extraordinary life story of scuba diver, Valerie Taylor, a fearless marine protector whose knowledge of the oceans and personal up-close experience with sharks is unparalleled.


This powerful and visually spectacular feature documentary draws on decades of amazing re-mastered film footage and interviews with world-famous faces. Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron became globally renowned marine conservationists, filmed live shark footage for Spielberg’s classic blockbuster Jaws and advocated for (and secured) a marine conservation park in Australia.

Interweaving interviews and insights from diving legends, scientists and the leading lady, Valerie Taylor, this breath-taking documentary assembles astonishing archival footage and pays tribute to an incredible woman and an extraordinary life.

Valerie Taylor: Playing with Sharks will screen from June 17 nationally, followed by Sydney Q&A screenings on June 5 and 6.

More Q&A screenings will be announced soon.

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