Get ready to believe! A trailer has dropped for new comedy web series Hug the Sun

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A new trailer has dropped for Hug the Sun, a six episode web series that will launch this month via the Grouse House YouTube channel.

This comedic sketch series is the brainchild of comedians Xavier Michelides and Ben Russell and was brought to the screens by the twisted minds behind Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun and Top Knot Detective and funded by Screen Australia and Screenwest.

The Children’s TV show Hug the Sun ran between 1989-1991. It was designed to teach Australian kids about the teaching of Oxtos (an esoteric, fringe religion that worshiped the great sun god). However, on February 23rd 1991, the show disappeared from the airwaves… until now.

Hug the Sun will be the first of a series of comedic ventures from a mix of up-and-coming and established comedians across Australia.

Hug the Sun was filmed between Perth and Melbourne by a small, enthusiastic crew that helped create puppets, animations, magic tricks, songs, stand up and a kids variety show filled with familiar faces and a few fresh ones.

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“It was a huge challenge to undertake a film shoot between both Perth and Melbourne, during the height of a global pandemic, after our states just came out of COVID lockdowns, and over the ‘blistering’ speeds of our current NBN,” said director and producer Aaron McCann.

“With support from Screen Australia and Screenwest and all of our tireless cast and crew, we were able to rise to the occasion to create this chaotic, comedic love letter to 90s community broadcasting.”

“I’m very proud of the final outcome of this project despite having the challenge of splitting the production between Victoria and WA,” said producer Johnny Ma.

“I’m excited to see this unique project from the masterminds of Ben Russell and Xavier Michelides get out there!”.

Starring Andrea Gibbs, Ben Russell, Bonnie Davies and Xavier Michelides, Hug the Sun also features guests Aunty Donna, Greg Larson, Anne Edmonds, Ben Sutton and many more.

Episode 1 of Hug the Sun will screen this Thursday via the Grouse House YouTube channel.

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