Film lineup announced for Virtual Indigenous Film Festival


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FanForce has announced the return of the Virtual Indigenous Film Festival for Reconciliation Week 2021! 

FanForce will present a collection of award-winning Indigenous Australian films, followed by Q&As with special guest speakers including filmmakers, community leaders and cultural academics.

Films making up the festival include:

HIGH GROUNDThursday 27th May at 7pm

Combining breathtaking landscapes with heartbreaking acts of brutality, High Ground is a snapshot of Australia’s historical and ongoing struggle with race relations. A timeless Australian account of the damage done by rampant colonialism.

AFTER THE APOLOGYFriday 28th May at 7pm

After the Apology is a landmark documentary exploring the continued practice of child removal and the community response as it follows the steps being taken by the community through grass-roots advocates to make a change.

THE SKIN OF OTHERSSaturday 29th May at 7pm

The Skin Of Others documents the life of the historically neglected Douglas Grant, an indigenous Australian war veteran and activist during WWI. The last performance by the incredible indigenous actor Balang Lewis before his passing in 2018. This is also the story of Australia, its violent past and its future potential. It recounts a tragic national history of Australian colonial relations with First Nations people, explores the ways we tell the story of our nation, and ultimately dreams of a more reconciled and inclusive Australian future.

THE XROSSINGSunday 30th May at 7pm

When a murder remains unsolved, 3 boys suspect and harass a reclusive indigenous man. One boy decides to break the cycle of racism to make amends, however the inertia of past actions bring multiple characters to a crossroad. Xrossing examines the disturbing consequences of racism in our communities.

FIRESTARTERMonday 31st May at 7pm

The story of Bangarra Dance Theatre through the eyes of their long standing and charismatic artistic director, Stephen Page. It is a tale of pride, heartbreak, adversity and empowerment, with the strength of Indigenous dance at its centre

National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements.

You can find out more about the Virtual Indigenous Film Festival here.

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