Sarah Stephenson’s The Lockdown explores life during lockdown for filmmakers

Sarah Stephenson.

A new documentary which explores life for filmmakers during the recent COVID-19 lockdowns will premiere online at the end of next month.

Sarah Stephenson’s The Lockdown will feature interviews with international filmmakers and actors explaining how they stayed creative while being confined to their homes

“This Documentary is an inside look into their stories on how their cope during the Lockdown and how they can do the same if some other tragic events occur sometime in the future,” said Stephenson. “This documentary will encourage and offer hope and support to those filmmakers and actors who may be in need of guidance in case of another major disaster afflicts the world in the future.

Featured in the documentary are filmmakers and actors including Jessica Ham, Jason Wingate, Timothy Clark, Sarah Stephenson, Dean Houlihan, Robert Luxford, Robert Bowen, Jordan Vanezis, Emma Richard, Oliver Buckley, Bobby Gammonster, Vaishnavi Macdonald, Matt Young, Alanah Bautista, Matthew C. Vella, Natalie Higgins, Kaylee Embregts and Ramir Delgado.

You can stream The Lockdown via BlackCat Film Production’s YouTube and Vimeo channels from April 30.

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One thought on “Sarah Stephenson’s The Lockdown explores life during lockdown for filmmakers

  1. Vaishnavi didi,
    Congratulations 💐
    i am so happy 🥰 for you.and i am proud of you 💕 you are the best author, best actress,and best filmmaker.

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