Nathan Hill’s erotic thriller I, Portrait is out now

Nathan Hill’s I, Portrait is now available to rent via VoD.

The erotic-thriller, I, Portrait is now available in Australia on Google Play, Youtube Movies and Prime Video with DVDs available to purchase via Amazon.

Carmen McKenna (Natalie Heslop) has a gift. She is an award-winning painter. Whatever she paints materialises in her real life. Julian Ryde (Nathan Hill) her husband, is a casting agent. They seem to have the perfect marriage. Then one day they receive an unexpected visit from an old school friend, Stephanie Mitchell (Sienna Stass). She’s a country girl trying to find herself in the big city. The couple invite her to stay a while at their house, unaware of her ulterior motives. Stephanie’s dark past begins to haunt them, and so they ask her to leave. Unfortunately, she has plans to destroy the couple’s relationship and letting go of her won’t be as easy as they hoped.

“This film is made in the tradition of the 90’s thrillers such as Cruel Intentions, Fatal Attraction and Girl Interrupted, said Hill who also wrote the film. “I was inspired by the acting of Michael Douglas from movies such as Basic Instinct and Disclosure and then the opportunity to work with a Playboy centrefold like Natalie Heslop became the key ingredients to create this film.”


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