See the new trailer for Perth crime comedy Good For Nothing Blues

Good For Nothing Blues.

A new trailer has dropped for Alexander Lorian’s Good For Nothing Blues, and from what we’re hearing, the film is nearing the final day of post-production.

Cinema Australia readers may remember young Perth director Lorian from is previous film, Subject 36.

Good For Nothing Blues is the story of Calvin, a ne’er-do-well, lost in life and in search of purpose, and his group of dole-bludging friends who suddenly come into some money when they win the lottery. Having money for the first time ever seems like the answer to their prayers, but soon enough their investments go astray and they end up stuck in a web of drugs, debts, gangs and cops.

Can Calvin escape the trap he’s been clamped in his whole life, or is he really just good for nothing?

The Australian crime comedy was made in the suburbs of Perth and was written and directed by Alexander Lorian and produced by Elle Cahill. Good For Nothing Blues stars Cody Brown, Andrea Lim, Bryce Myles, Rhys Hyatt, Blake Del Popolo, Jimi Kilday, Carlos Sivalingam and James Broadhurst and James Hagan.

Keep an eye on for updates. 

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