Cinema Australia Podcast #54 | Steven Mihaljevich & Carl Maiorana

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Kelton Pell in The Xrossing.

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Director Steven Mihaljevich and producer Carl Maiorana join the Cinema Australia Podcast to discuss their new, independent, coming-of-age drama, The Xrossing. Steven and Carl also co-wrote the film.

Carl and Steven share some great, insightful stories about the making of The Xrossing, including their decision to spell the tittle with an X. They also share a very interesting story about how the film was cast following the tragic death of an original cast member.

We were also given a very special opportunity to share a song from the film, We Should Have Paradise, sung by Kelton Pell. You can hear the song towards the end of the episode. You can also see the video below.

About the film

After the murder of a young girl in the Perth Hills, three boys harass a reclusive Aboriginal man known in the neighbourhood as Black Bobby (Kelton Pell). One of the boys, Chris (Luke Morgan), must apologise to Bobby and make amends. Encouraged by his media classmate and friend, Abbey (Georgia Eyers), Chris builds an unlikely friendship with Bobby. Old friendships are tested and new friendships take shape against the forces of ignorance and crime in the neighbourhood. Betrayal, incarceration and more tragedy are now all at the cross roads.

I set out to tell a story that I felt was close to me – both in narrative and in it’s setting. The story is based loosely on characters within the neighbourhood in which I have lived, the Perth Eastern Hills in Western Australia, over the last seven years. I wanted to tell a story that involved a small group of boys growing up in the area, who were all at the crossroads in their lives, and who had been influenced within the social barriers of their upbringing and within the absence of strong leaders and guidance. From their perspective, we see them take part in careless acts around the neighbourhood, one involves antagonising an Indigenous reclusive man, who has been accused of murder but not convicted. As the characters become more known, we begin to see the effect of their actions and the truth behind the man they are accusing.
Steven J Mihaljevich, Director

About Steven Mihaljevich

Steven J Mihaljevich is a director, actor, editor, acting teacher, writer and media content producer. Trained at WAAPA and Stella Adler Actors Studio in L.A, Steven has produced and directed dozens of award-winning music video productions including artists such as country sensations and Australian Idol stars Chelsea Basham and Jonny Taylor, Sister’s Doll, Big Prodeje and Rob Walker and Machine Gun Preacher. Steven recently worked alongside Katherine Langford in the indie film The Misguided, distributed by Indie Rights and Umbrella Entertainment. He has written and directed numerous musical productions and won multiple awards for best director for several films including the short psychological horror film, Widow.

About Carl Maiorana

Carl Mairorana has been working in the finance industry since 2006 and has built and managed Bespoke Finance Group since 2012. This year he was nominated for the Business News 40 Under 40 awards for his achievements in the industry. Carl brings the necessary business acumen needed for raising funds as well as efficient production management. He is a great asset to The Xrossing team.

The Australian premiere of The Xrossing will be held at Revelation Film Festival in Perth on Thursday, December 10 at Luna Leederville. The Xrossing will then go on to enjoy a public release at The Backlot Perth from January 7. A national release date will be announced soon so keep an eye on for more details. The film is being distributed by Halo Films.


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