Jace Pickard’s Fragmentary has launched on Amazon Prime and iTunes

Jace Pickard in Fragmentary.

Australian independent feature film, Fragmentary, is now available to stream on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

The quirky, and offbeat drama follows Ben Sanderson, a man who believes he can travel to an alternate reality under the influence of alcohol to see the love of his life who was murdered in his reality two years before.

Fragmentary is written and directed by Jace Pickard who also stars in the film alongside Debbie Neilson, Helen Shoobert and Jacinta Moses.

“Fragmentary definitely had its fair share of bumps in 2020,” Pickard told Cinema Australia.

At the start of the year, the Fragmentary team had scheduled cinema releases all over Australia, and the film was to hit the film markets with representatives for distribution. Pickard was also planning to head to the US to represent the film at Horrorhound Film Festival. That was all pre-covid hit, of course.

“I did not want Fragmentary to sit on a shelf for a year and be forgotten, so I kept promoting it,” said Pickard. “I got the film into a few more cinemas that had recently reopened, Horrorhound went virtual so I still got to represent it and I won Best First Time Filmmaker and my representatives secured me a release onto Amazon Prime and iTunes, so for the hurdles we jumped in 2020, we still managed to get the film to the finish line.”

“I am so happy my first film has gotten as far as it did, but I couldn’t have done this alone. My extremely talented cast, crew and producers are the real ones to thank. Most of them are off to bigger and better things, but I am hoping I’ll get to work with them all again.”

Fragmentary is available to stream on Amazon Prime now.

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