Lucy Coleman’s Hot Mess hits Netflix

Hot Mess star Sarah Gaul and director Lucy Coleman.

Hot Mess is available to stream on Netflix from today.

Directed by Lucy Coleman, Hot Mess is funny, charming, rambunctious, and blushingly candid.

The independent Australian comedy follows 25-year-old Loz (Sarah Gaul), a wannabe writer who seems intent on sabotaging her own success. Tipped to receive a coveted writer-in-residence gig with a cutting- edge theatre group, the talented Loz continues to offend the artistic director (played by Terry Serio), by coming up with graphic and confronting feminist material.

Discouraged by her disapproving mum (Zoe Carides), the hopelessly adrift Loz sees an unlikely saviour in the form of Dave (Marshall Campbell), a nice guy who might just be the solution to her permanently messed up love life. But is he too good to be true?


“It’s so amazing that this film we made for next to nothing in our mates apartments has gone on to play in cinemas around the world, and will now be available to millions of subscribers on Netflix,” said Coleman. “I’d love to say it’s the perfect film for Netflix and chill, but it feels more like the perfect film for Netflix hungover with a bucket of chicken.”

The film swept indie festivals and has been nominated for major awards, including this year’s Australian Directors Guild Award. Writer and director Coleman has now signed with major US agents while Gaul is an exciting stand-up comedian on the rise.

Packed with vibrant, honest performances and all-too-real characters caught up in all-too-familiar emotional tripwires, Hot Mess announces a deft and original writing and directing talent in Lucy Coleman and a one-of-a-kind on-screen presence in Sarah Gaul.


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