World premiere double bill for two new Australian films at A Night of Horror

Stephanie King in We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders.

Two new Australian horror films are set to enjoy world premieres next weekend.

Sam Curtain’s The Slaughterhouse Killer and Josh Reed’s We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders will screen back-to-back on Saturday, 26 September during A Night of Horror International Film Festival – an annual horror film feast in Sydney.

The Slaughterhouse Killer follows a young parolee, with girlfriend in tow, who begins work at a small country abattoir and becomes mates with an intimidating co-worker harbouring a serious blood-lust. It isn’t long before their unlikely alliance is out of control, and the human blood is flowing. A new greasy and compelling study in very bad behaviour, small-town murder, and a ghastliness, Aussie-style, that will make you squirm.

We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders is a fly-on-the-wall, found-footage horror that follows a psycho ice dealer, Anton (Lindsay Farris), and his low-life crew, including long-suffering girlfriend Effs (Stephanie King), go about their daily crawl, working towards a potentially lucrative home invasion robbery with the aid of a corrupt cop, Det. Sgt. Godfrey (John Cordukes), unaware that a rat has crept into their house and rigged it with hidden cameras

A Night of Terror describes We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders as having shards of Bad Lieutenant and fragments of Dogs in Space; an immediate and inescapable hell.

You can get your tickets to both films here.

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