Meet Australia’s most disfunctional housemates in Hannah Camilleri’s Little Shits

Nat Harris and Ruth in Little Shits. Photo by Thom Neal.

The first micro-episode of new comedy web series Little Shits has been released online.

Little Shits was created by writer and performer Hannah Camilleri who starred in Channel 10’s Mr. Black and fantasy comedy series, The Wizards of Aus. 

“I’m looking forward to the launch of Little Shits as it’s my first official creation for the screen and the scenes explore content not too dissimilar to how a sharehouse might be operating in lockdown, so it seems well timed,” Camilleri told Cinema Australia.

With each episode running at roughly three minutes, Little Shits explores the dynamics of three housemates, and their newest member, interacting in and around their rental in Melbourne.

“Interpersonal relationships are difficult, with friends and colleagues, but living with people could very well be the epitome of difficult. It can be tiring having to constantly assert yourself in your own home! Housemates have unique relationships; you know them more intimately than your friends but it doesn’t seem possible to discuss issues with them like you would a family member or a partner,” Camilleri said.

“I’m excited to share these Shits with all the honourable housemates out there; you’re considerate, accommodating, patient and compassionate and you have not gone unnoticed. I hope everyone can have a laugh and enjoy this little series about absurd housemates and the housemates who observe them.”

David Quirk (Rosehaven, Please LIke Me), Nat Harris and Jordan Prosser (That’s Not Me) co-star.

Little Shits will be available to stream via YouTube Scenes released every second day from August 10, 2020.

Episodes can also be viewed via the series website here.


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