Short comedy horror Granny set to unleash online



After a successful run on the Australian and international film festival circuit, the award-winning horror-comedy short film, Granny, will launch on Film Shortage on Friday, August 7.
Following a crazed grandma who goes on a murderous rampage when her son tries to place her in a nursing home, Granny is a loving nod to the Ozploitation films of Australia’s golden era of drive-in horror. It’s a period of Australian cinematic history regarded as a dirty little secret – but director David Burrowes and writer Dean Burr were determined to celebrate its legacy with this offbeat tribute.

“Imagine Friday 13th without Jason Voorhees, Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy Kruger and Texas Chainsaw Massacre without that creepy redneck with the chainsaw. Then replace those people with your Nan,” said co-writer and director Burrowes.

“Inspired by the Grindhouse-era, Ozploitation films of yesteryear, Granny has been written like a car chase – the mission here is to get your adrenaline pumping and your funny bones tickling. We wanted to make a film that felt like the best part of the third act in all your favourite schlock horror films. Outraged and out for revenge, Granny unleashes a murderous rampage on this quiet suburban street unlike any you’ve ever seen before. So hold on to your walkers and strap on your catheters, because this granny ain’t slowing down for anybody.”


In the final years of 35mm film, when Burrowes and Burr were working as cinema projectionists, Mark Hartley released the Ozploitation documentary, Not Quite Hollywood. Setting off nostalgia for a bygone era of daring filmmaking, the two were eager to make something that was entertaining for entertainment’s sake. And thus, Granny was born.
Granny debuted at Dances with Films in LA, then Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. It went on to be screened at more than ten international festivals and won awards at home in Australia, including Festival Choice Award at Sydney Underground Film Festival and Best Genre Film at Freshflix Vivid.

Granny stars Sydney acting royalty Maggie Dence (Wake in Fright, Peter Pan) as the titular Granny and Tel Benjamin (Les Norton) as the fleeing grandson. 

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You can watch the film from August 7 here.

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