Four new Australian films announced for Revelation’s Couched Film Festival

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Revelation Film Festival has announced four new Australian titles for their inaugural Couched online event.

A FamilyThe World’s Best Film, No Time For Quiet and the world premiere of dramatic set-piece Bloodshot Heart will join the already announced Morgana, the WA shot sci-fi An Ideal Host, US/Aust co-pro The Florist, and Underground Inc. as part of the lineup.

Screening from 9-19 July, Revelation will present 25+ feature narrative and documentary films plus a selection a short films, Q+As and panel discussions.

Festival Director Richard Sowada says he is really happy with the way the program has shaped up.

“I can’t stop watching the trailers! These films are top-shelf international film festival award winners and for us to secure such a great collection from around the world says a lot about the heart of the event and relationships we’ve forged with filmmakers over the years.”

Films will be available for rent for a 24 hour period through the festival and passes are on sale now.

For further information you can visit the Revelation website.

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A Family

A Family tells the story of a lonely man who employs actors to play his family. Armed with a video camera and his scripts he decides to directs his life. But he is a demanding director, and his actors aren’t always compliant, and the best scripted plans don’t necessarily unfold as intended. But his fake sister has her own plans Shot in the Ukraine, with a local cast and an Australian crew, first time feature director Jayden Stevens’s A Family is a strange, quasi-comedy in which the reality, or the video-documented fictional-realism, of family and social relations becomes increasingly off-kilter.

The World’s Best Film

A close brush with his own mortality leads director Joshua Belinfante on a quest to discover what he would do if he was given a second chance. Wondering what the meaning of life and how people choose to live their passions, what emerges from his five years of travel is The World’s Best Film.

A personal documentary about people who are living their fascinations and are the ‘best’ at what they do, The World’s Best Film finds its stories in the off-beat and unique. The best who appear in the film are not necessarily pursuing traditional passions, and the story takes in people who are the best at bumming cigarettes and the best at touring public toilets. Each of these individuals offers some insight to Joshua, who moves through these worlds as both participant and observer.

The World’s Best Film is a chronicle of lives and a journey both personal and, perhaps, universal.

No Time For Quiet

The Girls Rock! Camp is an international network that runs band camps for girls, trans, and gender non-conforming youth.

In No Time For Quiet directors Shaw and Dinning document the first-Melbourne edition of Girls Rock! Camp, turning their cameras on the event and the students who attend for a week in the school holidays.

The film traces the event and the effect it has on those who find their voices at the camp, presenting an evocative and powerful documentary that tells the stories of these young people and the struggles they may face, and celebrates the possibilities offered to them by Girls Rock!

Bloodshot Heart

Filled with vibrant (almost lurid) colour and textured dramatic set-pieces, the film follows Hans, a 44 year old man living with his mother. When not driving, he assists his mother in looking after their boarding house of sorts, welcoming and looking after new boarders. Now, Hans’ relationship with his mother is more complex than it initially seems, a situation that’s complicated to a significant degree by the arrival of Matilda, a young musician trying to escape her life and who reminds Hans of his life past…and it’s about from this point that deeper feelings start to emerge.

Bloodshot Heart is packed with surprises and stylistic flourishes and introduces a vibrant new directorial talent in Parish Malfitano alongside a tightly-wound on-screen performance from one of our favourite producers, Richard James Allen.

Underground Inc. 

Following the success of Nirvana, every record label became aware of the alt-rock, grunge and post punk scenes of the early nineties. Looking for the next big thing, major labels signed up dozens of bands.

But what happens when bands don’t sell 500,000 units? Katz’s documentary tells the story of these bands and the industry that took them on. With contributions from members of White Zombie, Helmet, Cop Shoot Cop, Bad Religion, Queens of the Stone Age, Ministry, Sepultura, Monster Magnet, Fishbone, Nine Inch Nails, and many others, as well as the likes of Steve Albini.

Underground Inc tells the story of everyone else, the bands that broke new ground, re-imagined rock, and transformed the aural landscape.

Energetic, vibrant, and essential, Underground Inc is an essential music documentary from first time feature director Katz.


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