Sam Hamilton’s teen slasher What Goes Around comes around – Rent it here!

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Bounty Films has announce the global video-on-demand release of Sam Hamilton’s teen-slasher, What Goes Around.

The film centres around Erin, a timid college student with often crippling anxiety, has spent the past semester fawning after the mysterious and quietly charismatic Alex. However, when she accidentally stumbles upon a video of him seemingly committing a murder, she isn’t sure whether to be terrified or intrigued, especially when a group of bullies from her past begin meeting grisly fates.

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“Growing up, the highlight of each week was by far my Saturday morning trip to Blockbuster,” said Hamilton.

“Whether it was the attractive teen idols plastered on the covers, or just a craving for something a little bit darker before I ventured into fully-fledged horror, teen thrillers like Fear, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Faculty and Swimfan always seemed to call my name. I used to DEVOUR these titles weekend after weekend and, on an equally endless rotation, would fantasise about making one of my own.

“What Goes Around is my answer to those childhood fantasies and a love letter to how those movies (the equivalent of best friends at the time) made me feel. Although the days of the video store are long dead, I hope that my film is found by a group of young souls craving a light scare or cheesy thrill, and can be their own gateway into horror.”

What Goes Around stars Catherine Morvell, Jesse Bouma, Gabrielle Pearson and Charles Jazz Terrier.

What Goes Around is now available to rent via Prime Video, Genflix and Vimeo on Demand.

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