Australian fantasy adventure The Legend of the Five gets a release date and a new trailer

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Filmink Presents has announced the release of the Australian family fantasy adventure The Legend of the Five, which will screen in cinemas from June 25.

The Legend of the Five will be the first new Australian feature film to be released in theatres as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Making it the perfect family escape for the upcoming winter school holidays.

Starring The Conjuring 2’s Lauren Esposito as Zoe, The Legend of the Five follows a group of misfit teenagers who encounter an ancient relic during a school trip. They find themselves caught up in a magical world with elemental powers beyond their belief and the responsibility of stopping an age-old evil from destroying the world.

The Legend of the Five marks the directing debut of Mad Max’s Joanne Samuel. Joanne’s love of nostalgic cult films such as Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and The Never Ending Story was her inspiration behind the storytelling.

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“My goal was to create a world with fantastical possibilities, while still representing as much of modern Australia as possible.”

The Legend of the Five is about youth, coming of age, finding your place, and understanding that you are worth so much more than the nay-sayers tell you. It is intended to be an invitation for the youth of Australia, and beyond, to engage their imagination, and find the power within themselves to join and protect the world around them.” Says Joanne Samuel.

The Legend of the Five is produced by Benjamin Jon Creative Media, directed by Joanne Samuel and written by Peter McLeod.

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