Holy fandom! World premiere announced for new documentary Batman & Me

Darren ‘Dags’ Maxwell.

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New obsession documentary Batman and Me will have its premiere at the virtual Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in July.

Directed by Michael Wayne, Batman and Me lifts the veil on a fandom rarely seen in Australia. Wayne cleverly amplifies the perils of obsessive collecting via the true story of Melbourne man Darren ‘Dags’ Maxwell, who spent years of his adult life building up an enviable ensemble of Batman collectables. It’s a pursuit that came at a perilous financial and emotional cost.

Wayne’s goal was to tell a truthful, relatable story about what it is to be an obsessive collector. The story, told with a strong mix of humour and pathos, follows Dags, who is almost ashamed of his incredible collection.

Darren’s past is brought to life via interviews with Dags, his partner and his close friends, and clever interpretation of fact versus fantasy.

Batman and Me examines an everyday person who has been through the madness of pop culture geekdom and survived, with words of warning to offer.


“Because Dags had been through it all and lived to tell the tale, we knew he would be able to share with audiences a complete and truthful story about collecting,” says Wayne. “What we didn’t expect was the depth and scope of his own personal tragedy that resulted from his obsession.”

The feature length documentary film will make its debut at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, pre-screening online on the 30th of June. Selected as one of only 100 from 1000 entries, the documentary is a surprise revelation on what goes on behind the benign doors of Australian suburbia.

“It’s an honour to have been selected to premiere our documentary at the prestigious Melbourne Documentary Film Festival,” Wayne says.

“That this festival is considered one of the best in the world really adds weight to the exclusivity of the selection.”

The release date of the documentary is June 30 2020, when it can be viewed by the public at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival’s online pre-screening platform.

Pre-sale tickets can be found here. The documentary will subsequently hit the big screen in Melbourne in December with further details to be released.

You can find out more about the film here.

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