Three new Australian films have just hit VOD!

This weekend just got a lot more entertaining with three new Australian films being released today via VoD. All titles are available across multiple platforms for your home viewing pleasure.


Written, directed and produced by Peter Renzullo
Starring Glenn Herbert, Julian Anderson and Matt Cal
Available via Vimeo on Demand

Shot in and around Perth, Anticipation follows Lenny (Glenn Herbert), a solo artist who’s determined to overcome his crippling social anxiety and make a living from playing music. Along the way he is supported by his sister Hayley (Kate Lloyd). Renzullo is a blind filmmaker who overcame many challenges to make Anticipation, including writing, shooting, directing, scoring and produced the film.

Burning Kiss

Written and directed by Robbie Studsor
Produced by Robbie Studsor and Megan Palinkas
Starring Liam Graham, Richard Mellick, Alyson Walker and Christie Sistrunk
Available via Apple TV, Fetch TV, Google Play and YouTube.

This steamy Australian acid-noir follows Detective Edmond Bloom (Mellick), who has been seething for vengeance for six years after a hit-and-run killed his wife, leaving him to take care of their daughter (Walker). The unexpected arrival of a mysterious stranger (Graham) ignites a tense situation when he claims responsibility for the crime.

“Burning Kiss presents a different kind of Australia; a kind of stylish tangent world that is partially pure fantasy and probably has more in common with weird stuff like Scorpio Rising or La Piscine than Aussie classics like Wolf Creek or Chopper,” said Robbie Studsor.


Directed by Heath Davis
Produced by Angus Watts, Alana Collins and Heath Davis
Written by Angus Watts
Starring Jessica McNamee, Ben Genrens, Peter Phelps, Caroline Brazier, Andy McPhee, Nathaniel Dean, Justin Rosniak, Alan Dukes, Steve Le Marquand and Alan Dukes
Available via GooglePlay, OPTUSFetch, TELSTRATV, iTunes and more.

Two estranged brothers who are reluctantly reunited in their remote hometown at their father’s funeral, become the target of an extortion scam at the hands of a gang of violent local thugs.

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