Director Glenn Triggs unveils first Dreams of Paper & Ink trailer

Neal Bosanquet and William Servinis in Dreams of Paper & Ink.

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A stunning teaser trailer has dropped for new Australian film, Dreams of Paper & Ink.

Written, produced and directed by Glenn Triggs, whose credits include The Comet Kids and 41, Dreams of Paper & Ink has seen a rather quick turnaround having only been announced at the beginning of the year.

The teaser doesn’t give too much away in terms of plot, but appears to follow an older gentleman, Wade, who revisits his past. The young version of Wade is played by William Servinis with the older version played by Neal Bosanquet.

Dreams of Paper & Ink will be completely dialogue free.

“Once I started to write Dreams of Paper & Ink, I found that any form of dialogue got in the way of the emotions of the story I wanted to tell,” Triggs told Cinema Australia back in January.

“In the past year Dreams of Paper & Ink has crept up on me very organically. I had reoccurring dreams of story elements, then I would hear certain music and completely visualise strong sequences,” said Triggs.

As well as Servinis and Bosanquet, Dreams of Paper & Ink also stars Marlene Magee, Emily Renalson O’Kane, Christopher Jordan, Sorcha Johnson, Anisa Mahama and Tamara Lee Bailey.

Dreams of Paper & Ink will be released sometime this year.

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