Melbourne TV screening for Last Breath

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Australian execution drama Last Breath will have its television premiere when it screens on Melbourne’s Channel 31 tonight.

Set in a grim waiting cell with just a chair, Last Breath is about the moment before each character is brought to the gallows or escorted to the courtroom for sentencing. They are in a state of limbo; that moment of breath before everything changes.

Last Breath explores how these women feel in this moment, what they want us to believe, how they want to be remembered and highlighting the incidents that brought them to this grim fate.

Last Breath was produced by Jennifer Monk from Girls Act Good with cinematography by Laura Jane Turner from F Word Films.

Last Breath received award nominations across several categories in national and international festivals including Best Australian Drama at Melbourne Web Fest, Best International Show at NZ Web Fest and best director, best screenplay and best web series at the OzSnax Awards. The series won best drama screenplay and best Australian drama at Sydney Web Fest.

Episodes 1 – 5 of Last Breath will screen on C31 in Victoria at 7pm on Monday, 10 February followed by episodes 6-9 on Monday, 17 February.

You can film out more about Girls Act Good here and F Word Films here

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