Cinema Australia Podcast #41 | Focus on 2019

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Matthew Eeles, Travis Johnson and Andrew Peirce.

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Believe it or not, this is not a Podcast about beards.

Instead you’ll hear me, your host Matthew Eeles, chatting with film writers Travis Johnson (Celluloid and Whiskey, ABC) and Andrew Peirce (The Curb) about all the big Australian film topics from 2019.

We cover all the major films like Jennifer Kent’s The Nightingale and Rachel Griffiths’ Ride Like a Girl, as well as the strong representation of people with disabilities in Australian films, documentaries, indigenous filmmakers, the independent film scene and much, much more.

This episode also includes interview grabs from the late, great Dame Hill, Rachel Griffiths, Jennifer Kent, RJ Mitte and Damon Gameau.

Anyway… Enjoy!

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