WA creatives lead charge at Screen Forever

Wade K. Savage

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A host of Western Australian creatives lead the charge during the Screen Producer’s Annual Screen Forever Conference this year, with some high profile creatives taking centre stage.

Screen practitioners from across the nation travelled to Melbourne to take part in exclusive seminars, meetings and pitch sessions with some of the biggest names in show business, inclusive of representatives from Netflix, Amazon and Foxtel. 

WA Producers Taryne Laffar and Emilia Jolakoska were apart of the esteemed SPA Ones to watch program this year, whilst WA Directors Wade K. Savage and Henry Inglis represented the Australian Director’s Guild delegation.

Laffar was awarded the prestigious First Look Grant during the SPA Awards night, whilst fellow WA producer Brooke Tia Silcox’s ‘Judas Collar’ took home the Short Film Production of the Year.


Early buzz out of the conference points to a series of high-level meetings taking place, inclusive of the Australian Director’s Guild meetings between delegates and streaming powerhouse, Netflix.

Word around Wade K. Savage’s debut horror film is starting to spread in conjunction with the meetings. Especially so as this is his second time being sent across the country with the ADG (the first being to workshop the unannounced film with Kriv Stenders as a part of ScreenWorks’ Director’s Intensive in Byron Bay).

Silcox’s ‘Judas Collar’ short film is vying for Oscar attention, with the producer having ran a screening campaign in early November.

WA films looks to be moving from strength to strength, after what seems to be the most successful Screen Forever yet. 



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