The ReelGood Film Festival submissions are open!

Help us continue to cover more Australian films by making a donation to Cinema Australia below. 

15% Discount for Cinema Australia Readers!

Local filmmakers have until December 15, 2019 to submit their films to the ReelGood Film Festival.

All films submitted will be considered to screen during the ReelGood Film Festival which will be held at the Lido Cinemas in Melbourne in March next year.

Selected films will compete for awards and prizes worth a total of $10k including awards for Best Short Film, Audience Choice, Most Exciting Onscreen Talent and Most Exciting Offscreen Talent.

The ReelGood Film Festival short films will play throughout the day with breaks, drinks, music and food serving as intermissions for the mind.

Cinema Australia readers will receive a 15% discount on entries by using the code ‘CinemaAustralia’ when submitting here. Enquiries are welcome through ​



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