2019 Screen Music Awards nominees announced

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It’s three times a charm for Bryony Marks, Caitlin Yeo, Antony Partos, Brett Aplin and David Bridie.

The nominees have been announced for the 2019 Screen Music Awards.

Representing 12 award categories are 40 composers, and 36 works which showcase the very best in Australian screen music for the past year. This diverse group highlight the depth of talent in the field of screen composition in Australia. We celebrate their achievements in music for documentaries, short films, children’s television, advertising, film and television soundtrack albums, as well as feature films.

Leading with three nominees a-piece are composers Bryony Marks, Caitlin Yeo, Antony Partos, Brett Aplin and David Bridie.

Showcasing the range of their offerings, Caitlin Yeo’s work has been nominated for Feature Film Score of the Year for Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan, Best Television Theme for The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill and also the category of Best Music for an Advertisement. David Bridie also appears across three categories with unique works; Best Music for a Television Series or Serial for Secret City: Run Little Rabbit, Best Music for a Documentary for Australia’s Lost Impressionist, and Best Soundtrack Album for The Merger.

Bryony Marks is recognised twice for her work on Damon Gameau’s 2040 documentary and also in Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie for Lambs of God. Brett Aplin appears twice for his compositions for The Bureau of Magical Things and alongside co-composers Burkhard Dallwitz and Dmitri Golovko in Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie for Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries. Antony Partos appears twice for his work on the Stan original drama series Bloom (including a nod with Jackson Milas for Bloom: The Memory Box). Antony rounds out his nominations with co-writer Dan Luscombe in the Feature Film Score of the Year category with science fiction thriller film I Am Mother.

The 2019 roll-call also features first time nominees Piers Burbrook de Vere, Brontë Horder, Andrew Sampford, AJ True, Sophia Brous, Mirrah Foulkes, Rory Chenoweth and Luke Altmann who sit alongside established composers François Tétaz, Michael Yezerski, Amanda Brown, Cezary Skubiszewski, Matteo Zingales, Jed Kurzel, Nerida Tyson-Chew and Paul Kelly among others.

The nominated compositions appear in powerful screen productions such as The Final Quarter, original drama production Secret City, Australian crime thriller drama series Dead Lucky, six-part event drama Fighting Season, the three-part series documenting the rise and fall of Australia’s most notorious cult, The Cult of the Family, ABC Television favourite You Can’t Ask That and feature films Judy and Punch and Jirga.

An independent panel of highly respected Australian film and television composers and industry practitioners have decided the nominees across 10 of the award categories. Nominees for Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia and Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas have been determined by analysis of performance activity.

The Awards will be held on Wednesday 20 November at the Forum Melbourne. It is the only Australian event where the music and screen industry gather to celebrate the behind-the-scenes heroes of music composition for the large and small screen.

2019 Screen Music Awards Nominations 

Feature Film Score of the Year

Title                             Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan
Composed by              Caitlin Yeo
Published by                Cas Music Australia obo Copyright Administration Films

Title                             I Am Mother
Composed by              Dan Luscombe and Antony Partos

Title                             Jirga
Composed by              AJ True

Title                             Judy and Punch
Composed by              François Tétaz
Published by                Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Rubber Music Publishing

Best Music for a Documentary

Title                             2040    
Composed by              Bryony Marks
Published by                Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP

Title                             Australia’s Lost Impressionist
Composed by              David Bridie
Published by                Mushroom Music

Title                             The Cult of the Family 
Composed by              Amanda Brown
Published by                Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP

Title                             The Leunig Fragments
Composed by              Luke Altmann

Best Music for a Short Film

Title                             Cernunnos
Composed by              Rory Chenoweth

Title                             For the Girl in the Coffee Shop
Composed by              Angela Little

Title                             Shiloh
Composed by              Freya Berkhout

Title                             Sohrab & Rustum
Composed by              Burkhard Dallwitz

Best Soundtrack Album

Title                             2040
Composed by              Bryony Marks
Published by                Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP

Title                             Little Monsters
Composed by              Piers Burbrook de Vere

Title                             Me and My Left Brain
Composed by              Cezary Skubiszewski

Title                             The Merger
Composed by              David Bridie
Published by                Mushroom Music

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen

Title                             Be My Girl from The Craft
Composed by              Justin Shave

Title                             Day by Day from Fourteen
Composed by              Brontë Horder

Title                             Every Day My Mother’s Voice from The Final Quarter
Composed by              Paul Kelly
Published by                Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Title                             Firesong from Judy and Punch
Composed by              Sophia Brous, François Tétaz* and Mirrah Foulkes
Published by                Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Rubber Music Publishing*

Best Music for Children’s Television

Title                             Bill & Tony: Planet of the Socks
Composed by              Michael Lira

Title                             Bluey: Teasing
Composed by              Joff Bush
Published by                Universal Music Publishing obo BBCW Music Publishing

Title                             The Bureau of Magical Things: End of the Road
Composed by              Brett Aplin

Title                             The Pilgrims Progress
Composed by              Michael Dooley

Best Television Theme

Title                             Bloom
Composed by              Antony Partos
Published by                Sonar Music

Title                             Dead Lucky
Composed by              Michael Yezerski

Title                             The Bureau of Magical Things
Composed by              Brett Aplin

Title                             The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill
Composed by              Caitlin Yeo

Best Music for a Television Series or Serial

Title                             Bloom: The Memory Box
Composed by              Jackson Milas and Antony Partos
Published by                Sonar Music

Title                             Secret City: Run Little Rabbit
Composed by              David Bridie
Published by                Mushroom Music

Title                             Tidelands: Not One of You
Composed by              Matteo Zingales
Published by                Sonar Music

Title                             You Can’t Ask That: Alcoholics
Composed by              Andrew Sampford
Published by                ABC Music Publishing

Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie

Title                             Dead Lucky
Composed by              Michael Yezerski

Title                             Fighting Season
Composed by              Daniel Denholm

Title                             Lambs of God 
Composed by              Bryony Marks
Published by                Kobalt Music Publishing obo LilliPilli IP

Title                             Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries 
Composed by              Burkhard Dallwitz, Brett Aplin and Dmitri Golovko

Best Music for an Advertisement

Title                             Dan Murphy’s
Composed by              Adrian Sergovich
Published by                Song Zu Publishing

Title                             HP Indigo
Composed by              Dmitri Golovko

Title                             Jewel Changi Airport
Composed by              Gerard Fitzgerald
Published by                Song Zu Publishing

Title                             Where Inspiration Lives: Sydney Opera House
Composed by              Caitlin Yeo

Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia*

Composers                   Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks

Composer                    Jay Stewart

Composer                    Mitch Stewart

Composer                    Neil Sutherland

Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas*

Composer                    Alastair Ford

Composer                    Jed Kurzel

Composer                    Neil Sutherland

Composer                    Nerida Tyson-Chew

*Determined by statistical analysis

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 20 November in Melbourne.

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