Production underway on vasectomy drama Apprev.

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Adam Rowland and Lara Deam lead a high-quality cast of Melbourne actors in Elfenshot Films’ latest production, Apprev.

Co-created by Christine and Damian Harris, Apprev. creates an alternate contemporary world, where all 13 year old boys must undergo a mandatory vasectomy. Only when they meet certain criteria in adulthood are they able to apply for an Approved Reversal; an ‘Apprev.’

Adam Rowland portrays Thomas Bratten, who, along with his wife Ilona (Lara Deam), is about to go through the process of applying for an Apprev. with the help of his Apprev. consultant Jane
(Monica Hope). At the same time, Thomas and Ilona’s nephew Donnie (Kieran Cochrane) is about to turn 13, with all of the responsibilities that this entails in this world.

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“There are a lot of demands placed on Adam in this role” related director Damian Harris. “Thomas gets put through a bit in Apprev., and from what we’ve shot already, Adam really gets it. His performances are outstanding.”

“Lara also does a bit of heavy lifting, with Ilona Bratten in nearly as many scenes as her husband. I think that the two leads are matched perfectly. Casting has been a real strength for Apprev.”

Supporting cast includes Sandy Thompson, Nadia Hunter, Julie Strini, Marie Werrett, Carolyn Masson, Kate Maver, Bree Edwards, and David Hart.

Apprev. is Elfenshot Films’ fourth production, and the 25 page script takes in six locations all over Melbourne, over six shoot days.

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