D’art is far more than just the making of an art car – Here’s where you can see it

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A whimsical new documentary is gracing cinema screens in Sydney on the 22nd of Sept, 6.30pm at the Ritz in Sydney.

D’art is a feature-length documentary by Karl von Möller, which premiered at the Classic Cinemas in Melbourne recently, to a sell-out crowd.

The documentary is about a fine artist and a collector, who collaborate to turn a Goggomobil Dart into an objet d’art. In reality, the documentary is far more than just the making of an “art car”.

Over a glass of red wine one evening, fine artist Robert Clinch, and collector, Jeff Brown postulated a fun idea, “What if we could find a Goggomobil Dart sports-car and paint Robert’s signature paper darts on it?”

And so the story begins. G, O, G-G, O!

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What starts as a simple “art car” project quickly reveals itself to be a fascinating mix of art and engineering, combining car racing, automotive design and a passion for collecting art and fascinating objects, all in one documentary. With the backdrop of the $35million dollar Joseph Brown collection, donated to the NGV, the film explores connections through “darts”.

Overcoming personal loss, technical issues, and looming time constraints, Robert struggled to deliver the project in time for a major exhibition in Melbourne. The story intertwines exhaustive technical investigation and countless hours of fastidious hand-painting within a historical context, of how the car was designed and marketed in Australia, to produce a truly unique objet d’art.

In an era where car manufacturing in Australia has come to an end, perhaps this project memorializes that change. Robert’s work often depicts industrial decay and evolution and perhaps the D’art project is an uplifting and engaging reflection of the change in our motoring history.

Ultimately, the project celebrates “fun” and is a wild ride through Australian popular culture. Featuring the car’s designer Bill Buckle, enduring actors Tommy Dysart & his wife Joan Brockenshire, who made it a household catchphrase, and the legacy of the Joseph Brown collection, this amusing documentary is supported by some of Australia’s pre-eminent art & car professionals and collectors.

A Q&A session will follow with Sydney identity Bill Buckle, the Goggomobil Dart designer & the makers of the film. The D’art Car will also be on show at the Ritz.

More informatiopn about the film and a trailer can be found here: https://www.dartmovie.com
While tickets to the Sydney session at the Ritz in Randwick can be bought here: https://www.ritzcinemas.com.au/movies/dart

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