Is Reflections in the Dust going to sweep the 2019 AACTA Awards?

Reflections in the Dust.

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“Who doesn’t want to see The Clown dethrone Bryan Brown?”

Having released in cinemas earlier this year to surprisingly rave reviews, Reflections in the Dust just doesn’t seem to go away.

In coming weeks, the film is slated for an intimate Q&A screening as part of the Australian New Wave Film Festival at the Thornbury Picture House in Melbourne on September 24 and an October appearance in competition at the 6th CASA Asia Film Festival in Barcelona, where it will contend with Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite.

In addition to these screenings, director Luke Sullivan is confident his film will sweep the 2019 AACTA Awards, urging the entire Australian film industry to preference Reflections in the Dust when voting commences next week. 

“I believe Reflections in the Dust will sweep the 2019 AACTA Awards in a fashion similar to what Titanic did at the 1997 Academy Awards. Who doesn’t want to see The Clown dethrone Bryan Brown?,” Sullivan stated.

If you’re in Melbourne on September 24, Reflections in the Dust clearly isn’t to be missed.

You can get your tickets to the Australian New Wave Film Festival where you can see Reflections in the Dust, Repent or Perish! and You Can Say Vagina here

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