Action called on Antaine Furlong’s Rising Wolf starring Charlotte Best

Antaine Furlong and Charlotte Best on the set of Rising Wolf.

Wolf Film Productions has announced principal photography has kicked off at Fox Studios in Sydeny on director Antaine Furlong’s action thriller, Rising Wolf.

Rising Wolf stars Charlotte Best as the film’s lead character Aria Wolf. Jonny Pasvolsky, Susan PriorAlex Menglet, Justin Cotta,  John Harding, George Burgess, Tahlia Sturzaker and Karelina Clarke co star. 

This stylistic thriller explores Aria Wolf’s instinct to survive in a situation, out of her control. Trapped, without any form of escape, and cocooned in the belly of the beast where she is forced to adapt her thinking, her beliefs and her endurance.

This is the first of her journeys that assault her mind and her senses, pinning her down in anguish only to emerge connected to abilities that define who she truly is. Her greater self takes on a wider purpose and world when she travels to Scandinavia, to join forces with her twin Zara in the second movie in this trilogy.

“Every single woman on this planet should be in control of her own life, and if someone is trying to take that away from you…fight back,” said Best. “I love that I am having to push myself on this movie and really pick up my game on the physical side of it, but there is also this mental hop scotch that has been forced onto this female enigma and that’s great to play out. This truly is a female led role, let’s see how far we can take her.”

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Rising Wolf is Antaine Furlong’s first feature film as writer and director.

“You never really believe a movie is happening till that first day of filming,” says Furlong. “Those first shots make it real very quickly. We have all spent years working through and developing the best way to visually capture the high you should feel at every turn in this movie.”

Furlong says he and Rising Wold co-writer Kieron Holland both wanted someone like Aria to be the ultimate mystery, until she discovers herself. “My view of this movie is very personal. I have brought my own emotional logic to these characters and how we get that through on screen, is exciting,” says Furlong. 

Joining Furlong  on Rising Wolf is cinematographer Frank Flick (Hacksaw Ridge), editor Jonathan Tappin (The Lego Movie), production designer Fiona Donovan (Superman Returns), costume designer Dannielle Alexander (The Water Diviner), make up and hair specialist Jennifer Lamphee (The Water Diviner), special effects master Dan Oliver (Mad Max: Fury Road), and stunt coordinator Glenn Suter (The Matrix).

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