Angel of Mine set to stalk Australian cinemas this September

Angel of Mine.

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R&R Films will release Angel of Mine on September 5, 2019 following the film’s upcoming world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August.

Directed by Kim Farrant (Strangerland) and written by Luke Davies (Lion) and David Regal, Angel of Mine stars Noomi Rapace, Yvonne Strahovski, Richard Roxburgh, Luke Evans, Finn Little and Annika Whiteley. Director Kim Farrant will be in Melbourne to attend the festival screenings.

Angel of Mine is a gripping psychological thriller about obsession and loss and is inspired by real events. Seven years after the death of her daughter, Lizzie (Noomi Rapace) locks eyes on a sight she thought she’d never see again: a girl, Lola, who is the spitting image of her own lost child. As she battles for custody of her surviving son, Lizzie’s obsession with Lola only grows – befriending Claire, the young girl’s mother (Yvonne Strahovski), following her everywhere and forcing long-held secrets out into the open.

Angel of Mine is produced by Su Armstrong, Brian Etting and Josh Etting. It is a SixtyFourSixty and Garlin Pictures Feature with Principal Production Investment from Magna Entertainment and Screen Australia in association with Film Victoria. Developed by Garlin Pictures and SixtyFourSixty with the assistance of Screen Australia.


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