Trailer of the Day: Tainted Getaway

What was meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity for Allison Haven becomes a nightmare when she’s abducted by escape convict Brock Bremmer, who vows to retrieve his lost money from a tragic past. Little does he know an old nemesis, Mason, is hot on his trail to retrieve it as well, including the authorities who will stop at nothing to bringing them to justice.

Tainted Getaway is directed by Desmond Hew, Scott A. Summers and Rizal Halim and stars Tyson Barry, Chloe Brown, Mark De Vattimo, Amanda Dow, John McPherson, Jag Pannu, Michael Rainone and Soa Palelei.

A release date is expected soon.

3 thoughts on “Trailer of the Day: Tainted Getaway

  1. What a fantastic film. And made all the better because it was shot completely in Perth, thereby showcasing the beauty of the city. And with an almost-all Australian (Western Australian) cast, what more could an audience want? I loved it and thoroughly recommend it. Makes me so very proud to be an Aussie. A huge congratulations to all involved.

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