The Crowdfunders: Goodboy

Nicholas Denton.

The makers of Goodboy are calling on the public to help support their new film financially.

Written by and starring Heath Ledger Scholarship 2018 Finalist Nicholas Denton and directed by Bonnie Moir (Exit Films and the newest addition to L.A’s RESET CONTENT), Goodboy is a film that tackles the difficulties faced by children attempting to support their ill parents, whilst also navigating their own lives.

After sending his father into a care facility, losing his family home and finding himself living out of a backpack, Luke Ryland and his dog Toby have been sleeping in his car in a suburban shopping centre parking lot.

When Luke’s car gets robbed and Toby goes missing his world begins to fall apart. As Luke endeavors to find his beloved dog and bring it to his father, a series of increasingly difficult scenarios unfold. Scenarios that challenge him, change him and eventually force him to find the light within his dark reality.

Goodboy will be produced by Michael Jones and Ryan A. Murphy.

You can find out more about Goodboy, and donate to the film, here

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