Made in Malta Australian premiere announced

Australian born Julian Galea has a lot to owe to his mother country of Malta – the filming location to both his follow up feature film Made in Malta and debut feature Love to Paradise, which won ‘Best Film’ at the Malta International Film Festival.

Galea lives in Bondi where he wrote his new screenplay while sitting on the beach.

Inspired by true events, the new film follows an American filmmaker (Greg Audino, Westworld) who has a life-changing adventure with a Spanish ex-lover in Malta.

“I’m stoked to have the film released theatrically in Malta where we shot. It’s always great as an indie filmmaker to get a film up on the big screen, especially when working with incredibly small budgets. It definitely feels like a win!” said Galea.

After honing his craft in New York working under Emmy Award Winning director Reed Morano (The Handmaid’s Tale), and living in Los Angeles to learn the business – Galea returned to Sydney to make the most out of his insight.

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“It’s obviously very different going from a Hollywood film with loads of money and fancy catering to riding Maltese buses sharing pastizzi with our international actors between locations. In the end, though, we’re all after the same thing, and that’s getting the shot to tell your story,” said Galea.

Galea’s hope with the new film is that it will challenge it’s audience to the possibilities of how far love can travel.

“I’m very fortunate to have had interest before the film has been released and hope Australian’s who are into indie films will enjoy this one too. While it’s a personal story to me, it’s easy for people to relate to,” said Galea.

There is no stopping Galea, who has already started working on his third film which he plans to shoot after the release of Made in Malta.

“I’m already in early pre-production and it’s encouraging to have the experience of the last two films going into this one. I’ve definitely learned a lot and I am excited to get behind the camera again,” said Galea.

Made in Malta will have its Australian premiere in Melbourne on June 16 at Village Cinemas, Sunshine at 7:00 pm and available on iTunes for pre-order on June 5.

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