Still recovering from the election? F Off We’re Full is here to cleanse your palate

For those still reeling from Saturday’s shock election result, a new comedy series is here to cleanse your palate and remind us all just how much of a circus modern politics has become.

F Off We’re Full (yes, that’s it’s actual title), is a new Aussie satire about a group of young white nationalists who face infighting after they are confined to house arrest for an Islamophobic stunt. Meanwhile, one of them is trying to figure out how to cut ties with the group forever, revealing he has fallen for none other than a young Muslim.

The series was produced out of Queensland (what better place to make a series about the far-right than in Fraser Anning’s heartland?) by filmmaker Martin Ingle and a cast and crew of industry pros who all donated their time for free to the presient topic.

“Obviously I reckon it might push some people’s buttons,” Ingle says about the risky subject matter, “but what was much more important to us from the very beginning was that it had a good heart and was punching up at the right people.”

The series was developed in consultation with a team of young Muslim advisors, who from the beginning of the scripting process contributed their perspective, criticism and humour to the – obviously controversial – content. Among them is Ayesha Tauseef, recent University of Queensland graduate and founder of the 400+ strong UQ Muslimah Society.

“I am so excited about this show because it challenges stereotypes about Muslims from the same political standpoint that is used to incite fear and hate!” says Tauseef. “In light of the recent elections the message in the show is more important than ever, we can only progress as a nation if we stand strong together.”

“Adeel, Ayesha and Nadia have been a crucial part of the whole production, particularly as the series goes on and the world of our white nationalists starts to collide with the Muslim characters,” Ingle says.

But the production of episode 1 wasn’t exactly smooth. The whole cast and crew was cobbled together on a meagre budget, calling in favours, freebies and support from a range of film industry pros from across the country. Various well-known media faces have even thrown their hat into the project, and the first episode features ABC/SBS satirist Mark Humphries.

You can watch the first episode now at their website, or visit their Facebook and Instagram pages @FOffWereFullSeries. The series will be released throughout 2019, so follow the project to keep up to date.

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