Trailer of the Day: Bilched

Hal Cumpston in Bilched.

Directed by Jeremy Cumpston
Written by Hal Cumpston
Starring Hal Cumpston, Frederick Du Rietz, Mitzi Ruhlmann, Holly White, Malcolm Kennard, Alan Dukes, Rhys Muldoon and Jeremy Sims

A wild ride through the last days of year 12 with our anti-hero Hal alongside his slacker/jock mates.

Amongst the hilarious universal teenage stupidity and chaos of the penultimate end of school house party it becomes glaringly obvious Hal needs to stop cruising through life to face his fears and follow his heart.

Bilched is screening from 23 May in Sydney with more locations set to be announced. You can find out more about Bilched here.

ADVERTISEMENT – Click for details.


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