Faith and religion explored in the first trailer for Davo Hardy’s The Blood of God

Director Davo Hardy has dropped the first trailer for his new film The Blood of God.

Where there is poverty, there is religion. Where this struggle, there is faith. For Euan Morris, the only child of a working-class widower father, the path to God has been a lifestyle, an unquestionable truth, until his life is changed in one horrific instant and every shred of security and justice is lost to him forever. Starting with an assault and ending in a murder investigation, Euan is forced to question more than his faith and relationship with God; he must also reassess the value of his own life and those who love him.

“I wanted to write characters who were fiercely religious,” says Hardy. “But I also wanted to make them as relatable as possible to people like me who are not at all religious. That was the challenge for me as a writer. To get into the head space of characters who did not necessarily share my politics or world-view, but who I still cared for and wanted to keep as dimensional and human as possible.”

You can read more from Davo Hardy here

The Blood of God is written, produced, edited and directed by Hardy and stars Richard Littlehales, Matias Klaver and Vicki Gard.

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