Stunning poster and trailer revealed for intriguing new short film Crossfire

by Matthew Eeles

In the suburbs of Australia an enigmatic man searching for salvation, creates a wake that leaves collateral out of human souls.

That’s the curious and intriguing synopsis for Crossfire, a new short film written and produced by Alper Kasap and Mert Berdilek who’s also on directing duties.

Crossfire is the first short film directed by Berdilek who obtained his Honours in Aerospace Engineering from RMIT before gravitating back to his passion for filmmaking.

“My aim with Crossfire was to explore our inclinations for self-destruction, and the broad-reaching implications choices have,” said Berdilek about the independent production.

Crossfire tells the story of the crises of one man, yet also addressing endemic issues not only relevant in Australia, but throughout the world. This character study is an attempt of extrapolating and deconstructing the nature of violence, lust, chaos, choice and the ultimate convergence of fate by navigating through the labyrinth of the central characters internal and external journeys,” Berdilek continues.

This is the second short film for Kasap and Berdilek’s production company District Films which also produced the award-winning short Broken. As well as editing Crossfire, Kasap’s impressive cinematography skills are also on display.

“The intention with Crossfire was to explore theme, character and philosophical ideas through the means of narrative, visual design and audial landscape,” said Kasap.

“My social responsibility was to best explore the story and build the frame with my director who has an extensive cinematic vocabulary. From experimenting with frame-rates used in Raging Bull, to compositional techniques from Ingmar Bergman and Wong-Kar Wai, Mert and myself were able to extrapolate ideas that have been long withstanding in both our psyches. At the end of the day, through technical and creative choices, we’ve been able to tell a story inherent to the human condition, and explore the nature of man and man’s archaic relationship to destruction and self-destruction.”

Crossfire stars Sal Galofaro, Eugenia Rahi, Rowan Howard, Keiran Cochrane, Chloe Destiny and Ron Jacobson, the father of Shane and Clayton Jacobson who also appeared in Kenny.

Crossfire is currently being submitted to national and international film festivals. 

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