New Australian web series Sisters is now available to stream online!

Gemma Forsyth, Genna Chanelle Hayes, Marlikka Perdrisat and Tariro Mavondo.

The first season for Genna Chanelle Hayes’ new series Sisters has been released online via Youtube.

Starring Tariro Mavondo, Gemma Forsyth, Marlikka Perdrisat, Genna Chanelle Hayes, Mark Coles Smith, Martin Sacks, Travis Jeffrey, Natasha Wanganeen and Denise Richards, Sisters explores the deep friendship between four unique Australian twenty-something girls as they navigate modern society and evolve through love, loss, cultural differences, sexuality, faith and trauma.

“I loved the idea of having diverse Australian women in contemporary Australian society. It’s a great project in terms of exploring all of who we are as women,” said Sisters actress Tariro Mavondo.

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Series creator Genna Chanelle Hayes said that she is excited to finally have the series out into the world.

“I’m so ready. The series explores some really important themes and issues in regards to the female experience, and we’ve all been busting to share it for a while. It also illustrates the strength women possess, which I love. We are so strong. It’s beautiful. I hope it finds an audience – so we can continue sharing the love and exploring the journeys we’ve created.”

Hayes is also currently completing her feature film directorial debut Akoni, which centres on a Nigerian refugee who is forced to flee his homeland and integrate into Australian society.

You can watch Sisters here.

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