Release date announced for RocKabul – a documentary about Afghanistan’s first metal band

Qasem Foushanji lead singer of District Unknown at Hoodies Undergound club in Qala Fatullah, Kabul. October 2011.

Following a successful film festival run, director Travis Beard’s RocKabul will be released in cinemas on May 2.

RocKabul is a documentary about Afghanistan’s first metal band, District Unknown, that existed on the fringes of Afghan society and beyond comprehension of conservative Islam.

While living in Afghanistan for seven years, Australian filmmaker Travis Beard began recording his friends to chronicle a part of Afghan life that is rarely shown in Western media. The film features never before seen footage of Kabul and the underground party scene that existed on the precipitous of this fragile city.

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To challenge conflict with culture, District Unknown literally put themselves and their followers in the firing line. They became targets because their music connected and communicated to and with Afghan youth, the expat community in Afghanistan and internationally.

We watch as the five unassuming young men: Qais, Pedram, Qasem, Lemar and Yousef come of age and deal with identity and freedom in a place where both can get you killed.

You can find out more about RocKabul’s release here

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