Exclusive! The first Maybe Tomorrow trailer has arrived and it’s an absolute beauty

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Tegan Crowley and Vateresio Tuikaba in Maybe Tomorrow.


Cinema Australia readers have been given an exclusive first look at the first trailer for Maybe Tomorrow.

Directed by prolific indie duo Caitlin Farrugia and Michael Jones, Maybe Tomorrow is a followup to the duo’s previous films Lazybones and So Long and follows a young couple who are struggling with the demands of life with a new baby as they plow forward on production for their latest self-funded independent feature film.

Tegan Crowley plays Erin – a first time mother desperately trying to hold on tight to her life as a filmmaker before having a child. Vateresio Tuikaba plays her partner, Patrick.

“I think Erin feels torn between being a creative, a female filmmaker, and a mother and partner to Patrick,” Crowley tells Cinema Australia. 

“She is somewhat a pioneer in motherhood amongst her peers, and still grapples with life as an Independent filmmaker. Sometimes I think Erin would love nothing more than to run away and be footloose and fancy free with her partner Patrick, but no matter how hard she tries, her first and most fierce love will forever be film and her new and more powerful love is Indie, her newborn baby.”


Maybe Tomorrow is Crowley’s fourth feature film with Farrugia and Jones who the actor describes as being, “prolific powerhouses, that somehow make filmmaking look easy. Everything flows with relaxed magic and they’re both able to effortlessly lift their cast and crew to a state of wild playfulness wrapped in love, security, ridiculousness and integrity.”

Maybe Tomorrow is a film that all parents and filmmakers alike will relate to, especially those in a frustrating rut of comparing themselves to our more “successful” counterparts. 

“The film pays homage to filmmakers, especially Australian Independent filmmakers and artists in general,” says Crowley. “It’s brutally hard going after your dreams.”

Maybe Tomorrow is screening at the Gold Coast Film Festival on Friday, April 5 at 6.30pm. Details here.

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