Trailer of the Day: Benefited

Written and Directed by Clare McCann
Produced by Cherry Productions
Starring Clare McCann, Ryan Bown, Tim Ross and Cristian Borello

From humble beginnings the award winning screenplay of Benefited garnered much attention helping to bring together a wonderfully talented cast and crew. Everyone involved has worked tirelessly to bring this story to life to help raise awareness of domestic violence and the lack of safe housing support available for women and children escaping these situations.

Benefited is a disturbing eye opening montage detailing the intertwining lives of a single mother, an adolescent thief, government workers and drug addicts as they struggle within the Australian housing and government benefit system. The films deal with domestic violence, sexual abuse, classism and societal stigma. The film challenges the perceptions of people supported by government benefits and living within the social housing system aiming to enact societal change by raising more awareness. The story of Benefited addresses the current issues of safety, stability, self worth and support living in a patriarchal modern day society.

Benefited is a powerful drama that runs together with a non-linear didactic form starring award winning writer, actor and director Clare McCann, Ryan Bown, Tim Ross and Cristian Borello.

With an average of two Australian woman dying each week due to domestic violence Benefited is a film that hopes to bring about much needed change.

Discover more about Benefited here

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