There’s a new Pimped trailer and it’s even darker than the last one

A limited theatrical release has been announced for new Australian psychological thriller Pimped.

The transgressive thriller starring Ella Scott Lynch (Love Child) and Benedict Samuel (The Walking Dead) will be released via Playground Films in conjunction with Bonsai Films.

Cinematic, elevated, and performance driven, the story unfolds through the unique perspective of an abused and conflicted women who is caught in a sick and twisted sexual game between two men.Posing numerous questions concerning trust, betrayal and the nature of desire, Pimped presents feminine strength and toxic masculinity in a psychological and bloodied battle.

Gripping, provocative and sated with dark humor and toxic conversations that teeter on the cusp of something more profound. Pimped poses the ultimate question….exactly who has trapped who?

A complete list of cinemas screening Pimped from March 14 will be available soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on the film here

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