► Trailer of the Day: Undermined – Tales from the Kimberley

Directed by Nicholas Wrathall
Written by Nicholas Wrathall and Stephanie King
Produced by Nicholas Wrathall and Stephanie King, Albert Wiggan and Mark Jones

Australia’s vast and unspoiled Kimberley region is under threat, with mining, pastoralism and irrigated agriculture driving an unprecedented land grab.

Undermined – Tales from the Kimberley investigates the politics of an area now branded “the future economic powerhouse of Australia,” and what this means for our First People and their unique cultural landscapes.

As pressure from industry exposes the limits of Indigenous land rights, what will remain of over 200 remote Aboriginal communities? We follow young leader Albert Wiggan, veteran cattleman Kevin Oscar and Senior Elder June Davis through David-and-Goliath battles to preserve their homelands, asking the question: for whose benefit is this development?

Undermined – Tales from the Kimberley is released nationally from February 21. You can keep up to date with the film here.

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