Web Series Wednesday: After Nightfall

Wayne Tunks and Nick Sinclair in After Nightfall.

Written and Directed by Wayne Tunks
Produced by Nicholas Price and Wayne Tunks
Cinematography by Nicholas Price
Editing by Paul Anthony Nelson
Sound Design by Peter “PJ” Johnson
Composing by Tony Ling
Starring Tristan Clark, Prudence Holloway, Jasper Lee Lindsey, Robert Miniter, Jacinta Moses, Bronte Parkin, Nick Sinclair, Anton Smilek, Wayne Tunks and David Woodland

Article by Wayne Tunks

Television has always been a passion, always been such a massive fan, even though my work has been predominately in theatre. For a small time I worked in the story room of Neighbours, and it certainly started a fire. The idea of plotting, creating and writing an ensemble TV show seemed like an amazing dream. Then the idea for After Nightfall was formed. An ensemble murder mystery with influences from Twin Peaks and American Horror Story. When the idea was fully formed, the writing was the easy part. This story wanted to be told. 

The production was very lucky to work with DOP Nicholas Price. After showing him the script, he wanted to be involved straight away, in fact suggesting we begin shooting ASAP. Forward two weeks, and the first day was done. We learnt a lot and realised we wanted to keep going and shoot this whole thing. The style was set, a modern Australian take on Noir; it is an old fashioned murder mystery with a hint of supernatural thrown in. The cast and crew worked tirelessly to produce something we were all so happy with. Ten days of shooting and Season One was in the can.

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The main story poses the question, who killed Troy McLeavey? Troy is a gay 18 year old school boy from a small country town. For a seemingly popular boy, there are a lot of suspects. Troy’s family has a dark past, and his Uncle is the head of a local drug gang. He has an ex-boyfriend, who’s very religious parents just discovered their son is gay and are none to happy. There’s the school bully, who seems obsessed with Troy, the pervy local book store owner or one of Troy’s friends. There’s a lot of suspects in this drama.

Now we’ve released season one and have finished filming season two, which will be out next year sometime. It’s been so incredible to see the response the series has been receiving. People from all over the world have been tuning in and sending us the loveliest messages. Plus, there’s been the incredible film festival circuit. After Nightfall has been winning awards all over the world. Recently, I headed over to the Baltimore Web Fest and the NYC Web Fest. What an amazing and rewarding trip. It was incredible to meet other web series creators from all over the world. People were kind, warm and inviting. These people were so very inspiring and it made the trip worthwhile. To make it even better, in Baltimore we won Best Thriller Web Series and Best Cinematography (Drama) and an in New York, Best Mystery / Thriller Web Series.

The big question I was asked constantly in the US, was, “Why are Australians making such incredible web series?” And the answer is simple. We put everything into it. We have all been working on our crafts for years and because the opportunities aren’t as vast in this country, we have to work even harder. We are professionals who are not just having a bit of fun on the weekend. We are serious filmmakers with stories to tell and amazing cast and crews to choose from.

Catch Season One of After Nightfall here.

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