Capricorn Film Festival short film finalists announced

Squad Leader.

CAPS Short Film Competition international and local finalists have been announced for Central Queensland’s weekend of cinema.

The annual Capricorn Film Festival gives residents the chance to support filmmakers from around the region and from all over the world. It also allows for local filmmakers, seasoned and beginner, to enter their short films into the competition.

Local filmmakers have taken a large step, with over 26 short films entered, ten of which will be screened on Saturday as part of the CAPS Short Film Competition where category winners will win cash prizes, trophies and mentoring programs.


The CAPS World category had over 200 submissions from all corners of the globe. Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kushida made it into the competition with his short film Koe, a poetic visual journey about opening your ears to the world, where a lonely man falls in love with a shadow of a woman who appeared on the apartment’s wall. French filmmaker Maxime-Claude ‘Ecuyer brings his second film to Central Queensland with Squad Leader, where Star Wars meets Shakespeare and Hamlet’s famous soliloquy is presented as the inner voice of a Stormtrooper in a galaxy far, far away…

Closer to home, Sydneysider Ren Thackham, an accomplished commercial VR director and sculpture artist, directed action short Round Trip which tells the story of Ned Williams (Lee Priest), a beast with a dark side who is trying to escape authority and Constable Rose, both trying to get out of the desert alive.

Dying Art.

“We watched films from all other world and though it was a very hard process, we are very excited to bring the community some amazing films by some very inspiring and talented filmmakers,” said festival co-ordinator Peter Szilveszter.

The CAPS Open category has seen the return of last year’s finalists, Jerry McGiffin and Ian Westly with Rockhampton filmmaker brothers Dominic and Alex Russell screening their international festival gem Come Correct and Brad Marsellos’s story of a young trans person explores memories of growing up in Bundaberg, Australia.

CAPS Junior sees one new filmmaker, Jamisyn Chapman with three previous filmmakers Alex Milios, Jordan Muller and last year’s winner Kasey Deeth competing for the best short film in category. Kasey’s new film, Tick Tock tells the story of a brother and sister caught up in the pain of war as invasion looms over Australia’s northern coastline. 

Round Trip.

“We are very excited to have so many well-made entries from Central Queensland filmmakers, it really show’s that CQ artists have a voice on the Australian film landscape and a career in filmmaking can be achieved in our region,” said festival director Luke Graham. 

The film festival will draw filmmakers from Northern Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne including our regional attendees, all touching down in Central Queensland to meet, mingle and see who will win Central Queensland’s Capricorn Film Festival.

2018 CAPS Short Film Festival Finalists 

CAPS Junior
Tick Tock – Kasey Deeth
The Shelvador – Jordan Muller
The Ghost in the air – Alex Milios
Image En Mouvement – Jamisyn Chapman

The Phone Call – Ian Westley
Rosemary – Jerry McGiffin
Come Correct – Dominic Russell
Please Don’t Feed the Ducks – Tim Goodwin
Give and Take – Tylah Kinbacher
Nostalgia – Brad Marsellos

CAPS World
KOE – Takeshi Kushida
Just Molly and Me – Mary Lee-Wolf
Cut Off – Ryan Cauchi
Wingman – Ben McCulough
Round Trip – Ren Thackham
Dying Art – Brendan Kelly
Squad Leader – Maxime-Claude ‘Ecuyer
Post Mortem Mary – Daniel Schultz

For more information on the Capricorn Film Festival program visit 

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