Trailer of the Day: On The Move

David Soncin in On The Move.

In a world first collaboration between three Asian movie powerhouses (China, South Korea and Australia) comes an adaptation of Lao She’s Chinese classic, Rickshaw Boy. It is comprised of 3 self-contained short film segments directed by a group of filmmakers from across two continents and three languages in a world first co-production of its kind.

On The Move brings together the work of three creative teams from three different post-graduate film schools: Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Australia; the Beijing Film Academy and Dankook University Film School, South Korea. The purpose of the production is to facilitate discussion on cross culture collaboration and provide a platform and model from which other co-productions and cross cultural conversations can be born.

On the verge of a relationship breakdown, encroaching debt and mental health issues John (Soncin) a former journalist, now RiDER driver picks up Lou (Osment) the man responsible for the loss of his job as all hell breaks loose.

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The Australian section of the film, otherwise known as Rider, was filmed in Brisbane at the end of 2016. With a widely experienced cast and crew of screen professionals including Alastair Osment (Deadline Gallipoli, Home and Away), Emily Gruhl (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Angel of Mine) and David Soncin (River, Love Child). Developed by Griffith Film School post-graduate students Morgan Healy and Elizabeth Simard, with consulting producer Trish Lake (Gettin’ Square, The Burning Season) and Anthony Mullins (Safe Harbour) from Matchbox Pictures serving as script consultant. Earlier this year cinematographer Mark Broadbent won a ‘Gold Award’ at the Australian Cinematographers Society for his work on the film, which made it’s international premiere at the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) in March.

On The Move will make its Australian premiere at the Brisbane International Film Festival on Tuesday 16th October 2018. Following the screening there will be a Q&A session featuring directors Qi Tianyang (BFA/China); Morgan Healy (GFS/Australia); Won Min-Woo (Dankook/South Korea) and cast members Alastair Osment, David Soncin and Emily Gruhl.

The Brisbane International Film Festival runs from the 11th – 21st October. For more information about the festival, visit for details.

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