Ride into the dark heart of Australia at the Noosa International Film Festival

The Guardian critic Luke Buckmaster described it as “A weird, dazzling, kinetic, dizzyingly ambitious, sensationally mish-mashed beast of an Australian film,” and one thing is certain – everyone who sees the controversial sample-based film, TERROR NULLIUS will have something to say about it!

Developed over a decade by Soda Jerk, Australian born video artist siblings Dominique and Dan Angelero now based in New York, TERROR NULLIUS is a 55 minute whirlwind ride presenting the viewer with a complete assault on the senses.

The filmmakers have used sophisticated techniques to splice together images, dialogue and sounds from Australian film and TV, often with completely irreverent and sometimes quite malicious humour.

For example, famous politicians like Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson will be seen making spot appearances and inappropriate comments at the most unlikely moments, set across backdrops from TV and films as diverse as Mad Max, Muriel’s Wedding, Red Dog, Crocodile Dundee and even Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

This rogue remapping of our national mythology is blisteringly badly behaved and confronting, but at the same time thought provoking and highly entertaining.

But while critics have applauded the fiercely original work of TERROR NULLIUS, the film has not been without controversy.

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Having received generous funding from The Ian Potter Cultural Trust – a major philanthropic organization, the Trust withdrew its support for the film after its premiere screenings calling it “A very controversial piece of art”.

Controversial? Certainly. TERROR NULLIUS is a radical critique of Australian views on masculinity, refugee policy and our treatment of Indigenous Australians to name just a few, presenting a world in which minorities and animals conspire and not so nice white guys finish last.

It is being screened as one of the major film attractions at this year’s Noosa International Film Festival (NIFF). Immediately after the screening there will be a panel discussion moderated by Amanda Slack-Smith, Artistic Director of BIFF 2018 and A/Curatorial Manager of the Australian Cinematheque, in conversation with Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Australian director Heath Davis (Book Week).

While TERROR NULLIUS is almost entirely made up of reassembled classic Australian works, it is a fiercely original film.

FilmInk reviewer Sophia Watson has perhaps the best last word describing the film as “hilariously insightful, politically valuable, culturally brutal and is more hyper-Aussie than Paul Hogan riding a crocodile in a river of VB, rubbing vegemite on his nipples. A must-see for any Aussie and Australian film aficionados,” she said.

See TERROR NULLIUS at NIFF on Thursday 25 October at 1.00pm. Tickets from $16.50. For details and to book, visit www.niff.com.au.

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